Southwood Manor is a superior mobile home park conveniently located in South Anchorage, just 15 minutes from downtown. It provides a residential neighborhood filled with quality amenities. Beyond its attractive landscaping, it has uncommonly generous lot sizes, averaging nearly 4,500 square feet!

Residents enjoy a quiet country setting, isolated from busy streets, and ideally safe for children's play. Parks, tennis courts, a volleyball court and softball field combine with other recreation features to enhance the appeal of this distinctive setting. Secure storage yards for campers, recreation vehicles, and other equipment add to the list of reasons that have earned Southwood Manor its long-standing reputation for excellence among Anchorage's finest mobile home communities.

Southwood Manor is conveniently located near the following:
SCHOOLS (Huffman, Abbott, Taku, Service/Hanshew), CHURCHES, GROCERY STORES (Carr's, Safeway), VARIETY STORES (Wal-Mart, K-Mart), RESTAURANTS (Denny's, KFC, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Baskin Robbins), ENTERTAINMENT (Movies, Zoo, Roller Skating, Ice Rink), SHOPPING CENTERS (Dimond Center), MUNICIPAL LIBRARY, MUNICIPAL SERVICE CENTER